Farm Fresh Honey

At the Showcase of Citrus, we have a professional beekeeper that maintains bee hives throughout the 2,500 acre ranch. We bottle 3 varieties, each with a different flavor.

Honey Bear Jars

Orange Blossom:

The hives are kept in the orange grove and the honey has a very distinct and sweet flavor. This honey has a subtle hint of citrus in its flavor. Its nectar is the first harvest of the honey season.

Saw Palmetto:

Our saw palmetto honey hives are kept in the very back section of the ranch in the natural woody area. This honey is produced from a miniature palm, and is seldom tasted outside of Florida.

Wild Flower:

The wild flower honey hives are kept in a variety of locations throughout the ranch. Always sweet, this complex nectar is collected from many types of flowers, and is valued for its honeycomb.


Our honey bees don’t just produce honey. They also produce our citrus crop by pollinating!

Blossom with Bee