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General FAQs
Is the farm organic?

We grow conventionally. We use synthetic fertilizer and herbicide. We do not use much insecticide, and only use it on the youngest trees to prevent the succulent leaves (during the spring & summer) from being eaten. We really don’t bother trying to control insects on the fruit producing trees, because with citrus, the skin is discarded.

What should I wear?

We are an outdoor venue and we suggest dressing appropriately for the weather and wearing closed toed shoes.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

You are welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks or have them delivered. You can even bring in food trucks for a large event! Any alcohol consumed on property must be purchased from Showcase of Citrus.

When is the best time to visit?

Winter months are known for higher foot traffic, less rain, and earlier sunsets. Summer months are known for lower foot traffic, a higher probability for afternoon rain showers, and a later sunset (this allows for the 6pm monster truck adventure).

Can I bring my pet?

We are pet-friendly, but pets must be kept on a leash at all times.

Where is Showcase of Citrus located?

Our address is 15051 Frank Jarrell Rd, Clermont, FL 34714.

Located on the western side of the Greater Orlando area, we are:

  • 25 minutes from Walt Disney World Resort
  • 40 minutes from downtown Orlando
  • 40 minutes from Universal Orlando Resort
  • 45 minutes from Orlando International Airport
  • 55 minutes from Legoland Florida Resort
Can I use your location for taking professional photos?

We welcome our customers to take as many photographs as they want for themselves but if a guest is taking photographs for a client we do have some guidelines that we would like followed. View our photography policy.

Monster Truck Adventures
Is food and drink allowed on the monster truck adventure?

Yes. Food and drinks, including alcohol, are allowed on the monster truck adventure. Any alcohol consumed on property must be purchased from Showcase of Citrus.

Is the monster truck adventure wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we have a ramp that leads up to the trucks.

When should I arrive for the monster truck adventure?

We ask that you check in at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled expedition time.

Are reservations necessary for the monster truck adventure?

Reservations are strongly suggested, since at times the expeditions book completely full.

Does the monster truck adventure run in the rain?

The expedition will go out in the rain, but it will be delayed if the weather is severe or if thunder/lightning are present.

Do you get off of the truck to pick fruit during the expedition?

Once you are on the monster truck, you do not get off until the adventure is over. Picking fruit is a separate activity.

U-Pick Citrus
Is there a transport system to the grove?

Picking citrus is a walking experience and only foot traffic is allowed.

Can I mix varieties when picking fruit?

Yes. Fruit is sold by weight, regardless of the variety. 

Old Time Country Store
Old Time Country Store
Why aren't all products available online?

Our online store is new and we are continuously adding more products. Some products, like alcohol, require different licensing to be shipped. If your favorite product is missing from our online store, let us know! We will do our best to get it added.

Why are there no shipping options available during the online checkout?

If you are unable to select a shipping option, you may have an item in your cart that cannot be shipped at all or to certain locations. Check the product description for any shipping restrictions. 

Monster Truck Group
Groups and Events
How do you handle large groups that want to go on the monster truck adventure?

Since the trucks accommodate up to about 35 guests, we rotate groups through the adventure. Some guests will be on the expedition, while the rest of the guests enjoy other activities. Depending on the size of your group, we may have more than one truck running at a time.

How early can we set up and decorate for a birthday party or event?

Feel free to arrive one hour prior to your scheduled party time slot.

Can we have alcohol at our event?

Yes. Any alcohol consumed on property must be purchased from the Showcase of Citrus Old Time Country Store. We offer beer, wine, and wine slushies.

How late can we stay after our event?

You are welcome to stay until we close, but when your party time has ended, please allow our other guests the use of the picnic areas.

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