U-Pick Citrus

Harvest has ended for the 2023-2024 season. Enjoy the rest of our activities until the next batch of fruit is ripe in the fall!

Harvest season typically runs from November through May, depending on the weather. U-pick ends about 45 minutes before sunset.

Come pick your own oranges, lemons, limes, and other citrus fruit right from the tree!

Take a break from busy life and the theme park crowds to visit a fruit lover’s paradise. Check out 50+ varieties of citrus, ready to be enjoyed. If going out into the groves is not your cup of tea, pre-picked is also available in our Old Time Country Store.

In an effort to reduce the impact on our environment, we choose not to ship perishable products and only sell locally.


Valencia Orange Grove

What should I pick?

Different varieties ripen at different times throughout the season. Check the map above to see what might be available during your visit. You can also follow us on Facebook and sign up for emails to receive updates throughout the season!

All varieties of citrus can be juiced or eaten, but here is some information that may help you decide what to do with your freshly picked fruit!

Valencias are more commonly used for juicing because they have seeds

Navels are considered seedless

Tangerines are known as being easy to peel

Honeybells are a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine, and are extra sweet and very juicy (also known as Minneola Tangelos)

Meyer Lemons are the best for juicing, but other varieties will work, too

Add more fun with a monster truck adventure!

Tips for Picking Citrus Fruit

Ripe fruit should have a yellow or orange color.

Citrus fruit does not continue to ripen once picked. Do not pick green fruit!

Twist, tug, and pull fruit gently.

Please do not pick and then drop or throw fruit on the fround. Fruit is our inventory. (Please be respectful and attend to your children).

The grove is our market and fruit is inventory. Do not eat fruit in the grove.

Please Note:

Closed toed shoes are recommended since we are a farm.

We do not offer refunds once fruit is picked.

Please be cautious of Florida fire ants.

Don’t forget to pick up freshly squeezed orange juice from the Old Time Country Store during harvest season!

Oranges in Crate
Honeybells with Picker