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These citrus, tropical, and berry wines are made from the finest, freshest, hand selected fruit. The full bodied, deep rich flavor of the ultra-premium wine is proof positive of our commitment to excellence.

Featuring Florida tropical, citrus, and berry wines, we are proud to offer FREE tastes of the delicious wines so you may sample before you buy. These citrus, tropical, and berry wines are made from the finest, freshest, hand selected fruit. The full bodied, deep rich flavor of the ultra-premium wine is proof positive of our commitment to excellence.

Our Selections


Black Gold (Dry)
A dry Marion blackberry wine that brings a new level of excellence to table wines.

Black Gold (Semi-Sweet)
Our Marion blackberry wine with a slightly sweeter touch and stronger blackberry finish.

Black and Blue Port (Blueberry/Blackberry)
Our special blueberry and blackberry wines blended, oaked, and aged.

Blueberry Blue (Dry)
Try this great dry blueberry and you won’t have to fantasize about ‘hints’ of blueberry.

Blueberry Blue (Semi-Sweet)
The best sipping wine that has gold medals to prove it. Made from 100% Florida blueberries.

Cherry Red (Cherry)
Not too dry, not too sweet, this gold-medal winner table wine has a great bouquet and flavor.

Cocoa Beach (Orange Chocolate)
For the chocoholic in all of us. We blend our specialty Florida orange juice with the world’s best and richest chocolate.

Coco Polada (Coconut)
Our orange, pineapple, and coconut wine made for that tropical feeling.

Crackle (Grapefruit)

Crackle (Tangerine)

Eleganta (Red Raspberry)
Semi-sweet. If you like red raspberries, you will love this silver medal winner.

Flamingo Fling Port (Raspberry/Chocolate)
Our new chocolate and red raspberry port explodes on your palate with the sensation of warm
chocolate and smooth red raspberries.

Festiberry (Cranberry)
No holiday is complete without this fresh, crisp, cranberry wine.

Florida Dry Blueberry

Florida Fever (Passion Fruit)
Made 100% from our finest passion fruit juice!

Florida Grapefruit (Grapefruit)
Made with 100% fresh-squeezed Florida pink grapefruit juice.

Florida Sunset (Pineapple)
Experience the flavor of fresh pineapple with that slightly sweet/tart finish.

Hot Sun (Tomato)
A very smooth dry white wine with a slight tomato taste and a hint of peppers.

Orange Blossom Honey Wine (Honey)
Made with Florida’s special orange blossom honey!

Hurricane Class 5 (White Sangria)
This secret blending of several of our most popular tropical wines.

Key Limen (Key Lime)
Nothing says ‘Florida’ more than key lime.

King Kiwi Wine (Kiwi)
If you like the fresh, crisp taste of kiwi, you will love the “King!”

Mamma Guava (Guava)
A great tropical companion to Florida seafood, if you like guava, you’ll love this wine.

Mango Mamma (Mango)
Made from fresh squeezed mangos, it’s a semi-sweet wine with the undeniable taste and bouquet of fresh Florida mangos.

Midnight Sun (Orange/Coffee)
Like orange juice? Like Coffee? Our delightful “Orange Sunshine” wine is aged with aromatic fresh roasted coffee beans.

Millennium Gold (Strawberry Cream Sherry)
One of our specialties, strawberry wine aged with our special brandy and then oak aged.

Orange Sunshine – Dry (Orange)
Its the real thing! Our wine is made with pure 100% fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice.

Orange Sunshine – Semi (Orange)
Our wine is made with pure 100% fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice. Great with seafood.

Sinfully Noble – Semi-Sweet (Muscadine Grape)
Made from the fresh-squeezed juice of the native Florida muscadine noble grape.

Strawberry Blush (Strawberry)
Made 100% from Florida strawberries…no wonder it’s so good!

Tangelo (Tangelo)
Made from the juice of fresh-squeezed Honeybell tangelos.

Tangier (Tangerine)
A specialty premium wine for all you tangerine lovers.

Tropical Banana (Banana)
Made 100% from bananas this is the wine for banana lovers.

Watermelon (Watermellon)
A sip of this wine finds the delicate flavor of watermelon sliding gently across your palate.

White Gold (Peach)
A peach companion for your dinner, snacks, and desserts.

40 Karat (Carrot)
A wonderfully buttery, semi-dry, white wine with a lot more flavor.


Sparkling Blueberry Blue
Celebrate with the “Blues!” Now, the best Florida blueberry wine sparkles.

Sparkling Cranberry
Made 100% from our special cranberry juice!

Sparkling Festiberry

Sparkling Key Lime
Kick back, relax and enjoy this unique, limited reserve sparkling wine.

Sparkling Mango
Our one of a kind, effervescent Florida mango wine.

Wine Smoothie Mixes

Banana Smoothie Mix
Mixes well with Florida banana wines.

Coco Polada Smoothie Mix
Mixes well with Coco Polada wine.

Mango Smoothie Mix
Mixes well with Mango Momma wine.

Orange Cream Extreme Smoothie Mix
Mixes well with Orange Sunshine wine for a creamsicle taste.

Raspberry Smoothie Mix
Mixes well with Eleganta red raspberry wine.

Sangria Smoothie Mix
Mixes well with Hurricane Class 5 sangria and Black Gold semi-sweet wine.

Strawberry Smoothie Mix
Mixes well with Strawberry Blush wine.

Watermelon Smoothie Mix
Mixes well with Watermelon wine.

Strawberry Smoothie Mix

Key Limen Smoothie Mix

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